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Inspirational People

Christine Girard, an inspiring benevolence

Originally from Lac-St-Jean, Christine left her hometown to settle in Montreal with her boyfriend. She is studying dietetics; food is for her a pledge of life and health, an easy and convivial pleasure between people in a friendly respect.

She has a rewarding job at the human level in a childcare center (Center De la Petite Enfance). Starting with basic cooking, Christine uses her imagination to offer toddlers an opening to different flavors, with balanced menus. A recipe book is created to help parents on this vast and creative adventure.

Life then pushes Christine towards something else… the world of drugs; their properties as well as the chance to help many people live better and also live longer.

Today, a new job brings her closer to people, especially the elderly who have been through the pandemic, with serious illnesses. Christine helps them with the basic care of daily life. She knows how to listen to them, love them and above all respect them with all their dignity. A bond of trust to be created and woven over time … the time that remains to them.


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