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Our operations

Lavender cultivation

We currently cultivate four varieties of lavender in a sustainable agriculture concept.


The first attempts at distilling lavender were experienced by the Egyptians over 6,500 years ago. The scent of lavender, one of the oldest, dates back to the dawn of time. We reproduce the steam and cooling process to collect a mixture of hydrosol (lavender water) and essential oil of fine lavender with an authentic design and handcrafted distiller. A separator isolates and collects the essential oil.

Fine Herbs

Sun-drenched and scented at will, our fine herbs are grown naturally, in companionship with lavender. As this is a natural repellent against unwanted insects, our herbs do not need pesticides.

Our herbs are hand picked, at the best time of the day, in optimal conditions. They are bundled, dried and then bagged in a sanitary environment governed by MAPAQ. (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec)

The herbs we grow are: Savory – Rosemary – Thyme – Marjoram – Tarragon – Oregano

Lavender Honey

Our friends the bees are essential for the culture. Each hive is a kingdom where the queen is surrounded by more than 50,000 subjects at the height of the season. We promote biodiversity with bees in our lavender and wildflower fields. The result is a honey with a particularly fine and delicate taste.

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