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Mrs Monique Bélisle

It was in the 1970s that the Bélisle-Beauchamp’s family moved to Ste-Mélanie. They founded the famous “Auberge ma Maison” there, at the Foot of the Mountain in Ste-Mélanie.

In 1976, cross-country ski trails were maintained for the public. The door to her house opens for hungry skiers. This is when the public discovers Monique’s delicious recipes. She lovingly prepares meals with excellent regional products. Everything is homemade. Monique is interested in everything; from growing mushrooms to making homemade gelatin.

Rotating exhibitions, artists’ presence, culinary tastings and various demonstrations are presented at the Auberge. Food reviews are bursting with rave reviews.

As volunteering is an integral part of life in the region, mother and daughter dedicate themselves by taking responsibilities within various organizations; Federation of the Farmers’ Circle, Quebec Association for Pension Rights, L-A Panet Library, and many others over time.

Mrs. Bélisle is an inspiring woman who has kept her passion for cooking and craftsmanship alive. Even today, her nimble hands knit for her family, great-grandchildren and their friends.

It is in all friendship that she shares her recipes with us.


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