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Candle Pure Lavender 100 gr.



Our candles are handmade. They contain only natural soy wax, basil essential oil and lavender essential oil. The soy wax we use is a natural, plant-based and renewable material. It is made from seeds harvested at the end of cultivation and processed by a hydrogenation process. Our basil essential oil comes from India and goes well with the aroma of lavender. Just as the aroma of wine can vary from year to year, the aroma of lavender can also vary. For this reason, we use a blend of essential oil whose aroma always remains the same, year after year, always respecting the same percentage of linalool and linalyl acetate esters. Lavender essential oil 40/42 that we use is composed of a blend of all-natural essential oils.

Our lavender essential oil does not contain any synthetic compound.



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