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Inspirational People

Catherine Perot, an inspiring friendship

It is the story of two little girls aged 8 and 10 who write on both sides of the Atlantic, one in France and the other in Quebec. Years passed and then one day they decided to meet again; Catherine comes to spend a vacation in Quebec.

When she left, not wanting to leave her, Dominique left with Catherine to visit family Provence.

Summers follow one another and it’s a rendezvous in Lavender, with Pépé’s 2 hp, Mont Ventoux, Orange theater, Pont du Gard …

From these holiday memories is born the idea of recreating a little piece of Provence, the scents of holidays, in our region. Here.

Catherine’s salad, fresh on warm days, remains a must, with the flavors of holidays in Orange.

To our lifelong friendship!


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